The importance of caring for your children’s feet

kids-shoesChildren’s feet, just like the rest of their body, are delicate and precious from an early age. Many people don’t realise, but babies’ feet don’t have any bones from birth. They’re made up of a soft cartilage which is extremely vulnerable to damage from the outside world. Something as simple as a badly fitted children’s shoe could cause untold damage.

Growth for the future

Every parent knows that children are constantly growing. You’ll always be spending money on new clothes, shoes and trainers. Obviously, you’ll want to keep costs down, but you can’t risk the health of your child in the process.

It can take up to 18 years for children’s feet to properly form into the adult feet that they will use for the rest of their life.  Which is why it’s so important to care for their feet for a young age. Just think about how many miles you’ll walk in your lifetime and how much you use your feet every day, then imagine what you’d do if your feet were damaged or malformed. Even something as simple as socks that are too tight could damage their feet at a young age.

Support their feet, support their future

There are simple steps to caring for your children’s feet which can make all the difference. These tips will help their feet grow properly; giving them the support and protection they need for healthy feet in the future:

  • Avoid buying children’s shoes that are the wrong size. Shoes that are too big won’t give the right support to your child’s feet, will hinder movement and potentially harm their feet later in life. Children’s shoes that are too small could squash their feet causing them to grow in unnatural positions and directions, leading to hooked toes and other deformities.
  • If you have more than one child, don’t be tempted to hand down shoes from one to the other. Every child will have different feet whether it’s shape, size or width. The wrong shoe won’t give the right support.
  • Purchasing shoes made from natural materials (i.e. leather shoes) help feet to breathe and avoid sweaty, uncomfortable feet and athlete’s foot.
  • Shoes for the right occasion – buy children’s shoes for the right purpose to ensure the right support and protection. Football boots for football, smart shoes for the right occasion, wellies for dirty play and boots for supported walking. Even slippers around the house will ensure your child’s feet get maximum support.

Remember to look after your children’s feet from an early age and they’ll be greatly to you in the future.

Start-Rite Shoes have an excellent range of boys and girls shoes which offer the right support and protection for your children’s feet. With measurement and fitting guides designed to help you get the right size with ease.


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